Happy Birthday to my bestfriend 22hypergrl.

I hope you enjoy this video, a mashup of MCR songs.

You mean everything to me, and I can’t imagine a day without you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ll always be my bestfriend. :)

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Toonblr Tag Game

Whoever created the Toonblr Tag Game thing, props to you. I love learning about everyone in the tag and seeing how Toontown meant to other people again props to you whoever you are!


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So, I got tagged again… but this time by tascheesepie (THANKS TAS). I’m gonna tag 11 new people, but I’m not going to make 11 new questions… you can refer to my questions here at the bottom.

I tag: xblackdiamondxx, xdar1d, xoxalishaxox, samplef, tropiikkaii, crazycandy-electroberry, maxedlaff, river-song-toontown, doctor-grumbletoon, basically-toontown, vancus-chilly-pepper-stash

If you decide to do this, it’d be much appreciated if you tagged me or let me know so I can see your answers :D (once again, my questions are at the above link of “here”).

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Tagged by kawaiifrequency

I already tagged 11 people in a different one soooo i don’t want to do it again because I’m a bit lazy but…feel free to tag me in one if you answer the questions I give.

Here’s their questions:

1. What’s your favorite gag track?

Favorite gag track would probably be Lure I seriously use it all the time

2. What’s your least favorite gag track?

Drop (the accuracy). but oops I chose it in Toontown Rewritten (Was thinking of trying something new, since I thought our toons would get reset but I guess our toons aren’t getting reset)

3. Has Toontown ever helped you with something personally? If so, what (optional)?

Totally, I used to be that shy person that was so quiet. Until I met this one person she helped me open up, and be the person I am today. Along with some other friends I’ve met that I talk to everyday from Toontown.

4. Do you ever regret joining Toontown?

Sometimes, only because it takes up a lot of time. But it helps me do things when I’m bored.

5. What’s your favorite site to use to get involved with the community?

Youtube! Since I make videos! :)

6. Do you have anyone you look up to in the community? If so, who (optional)?

I look up to Riot, I’ve always been a huge fan of her Music Videos I remember her original channel it was cool she’s someone who inspired me to make videos I also look up to my friend Picasso they also inspired me to make videos.

7. Do you honestly think the game is meant for children only or should it have been targeted to all audience?

Not at all. It’s for everybody.
8. Do you think Disney did a good job handling Toontown or is there another company/person you wish handled it?

They could of had a better departure, not so sudden especially right in the beginning of the school year and closing at a time when most children were in school.

9. Are you hoping Toontown will come back (with an official company)?

I sometimes wish. These private servers in my opinion will never be the same as the original Toontown.

10. If Toontown did come back, would you prefer the current Toontown or something entirely new (but obviously with the same concept of defeating Cogs and such)? 

A mix of both.

11. Do you like that the Toontown community is small or would you prefer it to be much bigger and popular? 

Being as it is “small” the people that are “well known” are sort of worshipped and it makes me honestly dislike them since they get so much treatment and so much better things than other people when we all know everyone is equal.


1. What is your highest Toon?

2. Do you have access to any Toontown Private Servers?

3. Do you make Toontown videos?

4. Favorite thing about Toontown.

5. What things do you like/dislike about the Toontown Community?

6. Favorite Trolley Game or Least Favorite.

7.What gag do you usually go without?

8.If Toontown could’ve added something new, what would you of liked it to be?

9. Did Toontown change your life in a way? (like made you feel part of something or make you feel more comfortable)

10. What does Toontown mean to you?

11. Have you met close friends through Toontown?

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  • AnonymousCan you make Magic Cat in Panda3D?
  • Possible but I’d need certain phase files for example the head lol.

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  • 1 week ago
  • Anonymouscan u not
  • Can I not ____________________________?

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  • Anonymousowoooo & cfo
  • Favorite Toon species Cat since my main is a Cat. But omg mice are so cute especially cute short ones.

    CFO- most of the time I srsly cannot crane omg but one time i managed to be the last person and crane my way to victory the luck of the crane.

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  • vancusgenericstashTrainers and SOS. :3
  • I absolutely hate training Toon-up, Lure, and Drop. Justtt ahhh accuracy and the lack of toons if you are on at a bad time

    Hmm favorite SOS probably… Professor Pete when you are running low on gags or Flippy when your are nearly dying :P

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  • Trainers:What gagtrack do you hate training?
  • Greened:Have you ever made a toon go sad?
  • SOS:Who is your favorite SOS card?
  • Maxed:What gag track do you not have maxed yet?
  • Doodle:How many times did you buy a doodle?
  • Jellybeans:Do you save, or spend like crazy?
  • Unite:What unite is the most useless to you?
  • Lureless:How often does your lure miss?
  • Got Gags:What gag track do you not have?
  • Toontastic!:Ever made a black cat?
  • Owoooo!:Favorite toon species?
  • CFO:Can you crane?
  • Laff:How far are you from getting max laff?
  • Old Boot:Ever gotten a rare species?
  • Trophy:Do you garden, race, fish, or golf?
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